'Mia' Poetry Review

Went to "Mia" at Tanner's in Santa Monica last night. Fairly decent reading -- it was a mixed bag, with some earnest but really bad poetry, and some really rockin' stuff. Standout was the feature, Jelena Andjelkovic, who did a really solid 20 minutes. Nice hosts (Charlotte and Michelle) who did a good job, despite calling me Jack Shofield. It's Schofield, folks -- pronounce it like "school." And my name's not Jack. Did four pieces -- "Tacos México," and three others that aren't on the web yet: "The God Man Says," "The Sky is Clear," and "I Write." I was pretty happy with my reading -- I've been having trouble with (in my opinion) sounding like I'm shouting when I try to project. That's appropriate for some poems, but not for all of them. I think I managed to get a more conversational tone in my reading, despite projecting well. Good news. Got a pretty good response, including a tentative offer to feature at Rapp Saloon. Will check that out next week. All in all, had a good time. I'm looking forward to featuring at Mia next week.