Midnight Special Poetry Reading Notes

Went to the reading at Midnight Special Bookstore yesterday. It's interesting how each reading has a different character, even when some of the same people attend. The MS has has a generally older crowd of readers -- with the average age in the 50's or higher -- with a surprisingly young crowd of listeners. The emphasis seems to lean more towards writing than performing -- not that the performance is flat, but more quiet and scholarly. All in all it was a good night, with some quite-skilled poets. I did "Walking Down Winston." I felt quite good about the reading, and got a lot of positive feedback. Now I just need to write more poems that are as strong.

After the reading, the host (Reverend Dave) had a mini-reading at his tiny apartment on the beach by the Santa Monica Pier. We crammed far too many people into his bedroom/living room, passed around the beer and the snacks, and had a rockin' good time. Each person read one or two poems (there seemed to be no set policy, but nobody abused the room) and then passed the baton off to someone else. I read "Tacos México" as the first poem of the evening, which got a great response, and "The Sum Of Tears," which didn't get as good a response. I attribute that to the lateness of the hour. (And I wasn't feeling the poem when I read it. It felt like I was acting rather than speaking the piece honestly. Man, this poetry shit is really tough to do well consistently.) Still, the reading at the Reverend's was a hell of a lot of fun. There was something really sweet about it.