Just got back from open mike at Psychobabble Cafe

Just got back from open mike at Psychobabble Cafe on Vermont. They've got a new host (at least, new since the last time I was there) and it's a damn good night of poetry. The highlight was the feature, Gina Loring, who I've seen several times at the Green reading at Tanner's in Culver City. She did a mix of spoken word and music, backing herself on guitar for two pieces. I've been impressed with her every time I've heard her, and getting a chance to hear more than one of her pieces at a time was a treat -- she really did a fine job. The only negative thing I have to say about the reading was the attrition -- poets reading towards the end of the night were pretty much reading to an empty house, while it was packed at the beginning of the night.

I did "I Write" and "Walking Down Winston," which got a pretty good reception considering how many people were left. I was happy with my performance.

Before the reading I had dinner at a diner down the block and got some good edits done on "The Little Bite" that I hope make it stronger -- I deleted a paragraph that slowing down the story, and added one in its place that hopefully makes it track a little better. The updates aren't on the web yet -- will be soon.