Valley Contemporary Poets

Went to the Valley Contemporary Poets reading at the Cobalt Café Tuesday night. The Cobalt, hosted by Rick Lupert, was my "home reading" when I first started out in poetry. I haven't been back in years, so it was tremendously exciting to be there. I had a great time -- I came close to laughing so hard I puked. Any time you've got Brendan Constantine (one director of the VCP) and Rick Lupert in the same room you're guaranteed a lot of laughter. Elizabeth Iannaci (a fine poet who's another director of the VCP) doesn't seem to be all that funny by herself, but she has a great sense of humor, and I had a fabulous time just watching her laugh. (Her occasional spit-take didn't hurt either.)

Although the night went reaaaaaaly long (9 PM to 12:15 AM) there was a lot of good poetry. The feature, selected by the VCP, was Larry Jaffe, who did a classy job despite being heckled by a clearly impaired gentleman. (Who the Cobalt staff 86'd.) Leslie Neal was there and did fine as usual. Brendan Constantine did a fantastic reading of some other poets work, but sadly, none of his own. Elizabeth proved that she's a great performer and writer.

I did "Tacos México," "Solid, Heavy, and Red," "Walking Down Winston," and "Tumbling and Turning." (I've got to get "Tumbling..." on the web soon.) "Walking..." got a great reaction, the others not so great. I'm afraid I fell into my old trap when I try to project of shouting instead of projecting. Still, had a great time. Looking forward to more VCP productions.