The Macintel Thing

Tue 07 June 2005
By John Mark Schofield in Technology
Tagged as: Os X

I'm concerned about Apple's move from PowerPC chips to Intel chips for their processors.

Geekable says "The Apple-Intel announcement makes me feel very uneasy. My first problem with the whole affair is that Apple will now be considered a generic PC vendor." As far as I can say, who cares? And if the competitive pressure brings Apple's prices down, yeehaa.

There's even many arguments to made for the change -- among others, Apple has the ability to switch from Intel to AMD almost at will now -- they're not really a prisoner of Intel any more than they were a prisoner of IBM.

What worries me about this is that Apple is making a big bet, and they're betting the farm. Handled and received poorly, this could end Apple as a significant entity in the computer world.

I make my living managing networks of computers that include many Macs, and personally like the quality of their hardware and software. I don't Apple to become just a consumer electronics company.

Of course, I have a personal stake in this as well. I'm trained and certified as a Macintosh expert; a good portion of my professional experience is with Macs. Darn tooting I don't want them to become less relevant and important.

This change hits me where I live. I haven't yet decided how I feel about it, and only time will tell how wise a move it was, but make no mistake, this is a decisive move, a big gamble with a potentially huge reward and matching risk.