Apple’s Migration Assistant

So I just upgraded my office computer from a dual-processor G5 to a new "Quad-Proc" ((Of course, it's not REALLY quad-processor. It's two dual-core processors. But it's still really fricking cool.)) and I used Apple's Migration Assistant to move my files over. Pulled the hard drive from my old Mac, stuck it in my new one, booted up (from the new drive) and ran the assistant. ((I could have connected the two Macs with a Firewire cable and booted the old one up in Target Disk Mode -- but SATA is much faster than Firewire.)) No sweat. Moved my files, settings, and applications over while I ate lunch, and now I'm working on it this afternoon. It's really an amazingly cool product. I wish I had this years and years ago. Of course, I've got so much weird shit installed on my computer that I'm a bit of an edge case. Problems I've found so far:

  1. It didn't copy over my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer driver correctly. On the plus side, it WARNED me that I would have to reinstall it. Did so and it's working great.
  2. I use Kinkless GTD along with OmniOutliner Pro to keep myself organized. Kinkless does a lot of customizations to Omni Outliner, which did not carry over. Neither did the Kinkless scripts. I think I'll have to reinstall Kinkless GTD. I will update this as I fix the problem. Reinstalling Kinkless GTD fixed my problem, with no further action necessary.
  3. Microsoft Office install was not carried over. I had to reinstall. Nope. It was there. Just had to run it again to reinstall all the crap it dumps everywhere on the hard drive. Fricking Microsoft software.
  4. I had QuickTime Pro on the old computer. Had to re-enter serial number. (This one I completely blame on Apple, because it's Apple software. Not yet pointing fingers for the other issues. Although Microsoft Office is pretty fricking common.)
  5. Serial numbers for Pages and Keynote (iwork) did not carry over. (Migration Assistant actually COPIED my copies of Keynote and Pages to a new folder--"iWork '06 (from old Mac)"-- but both the existing iWork apps and the "from old Mac" iWork apps show up as unregistered.
  6. The Kerio Mailserver admin console no longer works. Starts and then immediately exists. Downloading and reinstalling fixed it, and it kept my old settings.
  7. Printer settings and drivers did not copy over. Had to reinstall printer drivers (that weren't included with OS) and re-setup printers.
  8. PocketMac for Blackberry did not work after the transfer. Had to reinstall. It did not preserve my registration, so I had to re-enter the registration information.
  9. REALbasic did not hold on to my registration information. On the plus side, it gave me a brand-new 15-day trial.
  10. The Dantz Retrospect backup client was copied over but not configured. I had to reconfigure it.
  11. Passwords Plus lost the ability to read my passwords file. This is bad. I currently have an e-mail into their support department asking for help. Turned out I needed to completely uninstall Passwords Plus (including data files), reboot, and copy over the data files from the disk image of my old computer. Not being a dummy, I had that backup, so everything's cool now.
  12. Textpander settings didn't transfer over properly. The settings did, just Texpander wasn't enabled. Enabling it fixed the issue, and my expansions WERE transferred over properly.