My Workflow: TextMate, Subversion, and Python

I'm focusing in on some very important parts of my workflow. Version control is Subversion. I'm most of the way through the book on it.

Text editing is TextMate. I was trying to use vim, because it's one editor I can use both on my OS X desktop and SSH'd across the network to linux boxes. I will continue to use vim remotely -- though I may look at emacs as well. But for local editing, it's TextMate for sure. Its functionality when dealing with large source code files and trees with many different files is impressive -- I can see myself working significantly more efficiently with TextMate.

I'm used to working on the command-line with Subversion, but TextMate integrates with it, so I can commit changes by hotkey, etc.

And Python is rapidly becoming my system administration language of choice. All of this seems to fit together really well.