A Weak Defense: Breakins at CIHost.com

Here's a reason to think twice about your colocation provider: CIHost.com has been broken into four times over the past two years, and had servers and equipment stolen. Their Chief Corporate Counsel, James Eckels, says the robbers "Knew what they're doing," and that their facility is "in a bad part of town."

There's very little payoff in stealing 20 servers (the amount stolen in the recent robbery) for the hardware value -- this is most likely about stealing the DATA on the servers. Most people in the market for rackmount servers wouldn't buy them off trucks, and so you've got a crime with serious time and very little payoff if they were stealing hardware. I wonder how much valuable data (including credit card numbers) was stored on those boxes?

Eckels took umbrage at reports that their facility had been robbed four times in the last two years:

One of the biggest mistakes is that people are talking about four robberies. A robbery means than property has been seized through violence or intimidation. C I Host has technically only been robbed twice in two years. The other two were break-ins where things were stolen, but not robberies."

Umm. That doesn't exactly make me feel better. Although the facility's staff probably prefer the burglaries -- their night manager was repeatedly tasered and "struck with a blunt instrument" during the most recent robbery.