Corral Fire, November 24, 2007 @ 11:30 AM

Lots of info from the Malibu Times:

11 a.m. update

Saturday, November 24, 2007
Los Angeles County Fire Chief P. Michael Freeman said a just-completed press conference at least 2,200 acres have burned and 35 homes (15 on Seabreeze Road, 15 in Malibu Bowl area and 5 in Latigo Canyon) have been destroyed, possibly one commercial structure. Firefighters are trying to hold the fire to the east side of Kanan Dume Road and south of the first tunnel on Kanan Dume north of Pacific Coast Highway. He said there is heavily, unburned fuel in the area, which makes the situation difficult.

Approximately 1,700 firefighters are fighting the fire, coming from different portions of the county.

"It is a dynamic and dangerous situation," Freeman said.

Freeman said as the opportunity becomes available, addressed of destroyed homes will be released.

The origin of the fire is under investigation. It began at a dirt area off Castro Peak Motor Way. There were reports of loud, cheering young people in the area.

"It's great to be able to say we have no loss of lives.... It's certainly not as bad as it could have been," Mayor Jeff Jennings said at the press conference.

Evacuations are in effect from Corral Canyon on the East, Trancas Canyon_on the West, Mulholland Highway on the North and Pacific Coast Highway on_the South, including Point Dume. An evacuation center has been set up at_Agoura High School, located at 28545 West Driver Avenue in Agoura Hills, and Channel Islands High School, located at 1400 Raiders Way in Oxnard.

Fire Update 1045AM

Homes Lost: Malibu Bowl Area, Sycamore Meadows, Coral Canyon Area, Via Escondido, Seabreeze Area and El Nido

Mandatory Evacuation: West of Coral Canyon to Mullolland on North to Trancas on West to Coastline

News Conference

Supervisor Zev Yuroslavsky: Thousands evacuated. All of Pt. Dume and residents west of Puerco Canyon including Paradise Cove are advised to leave. 35 structures lost. 23 aircraft deployed. One fire fighter injured, not seriously. No known cause at this time.

Sheriff Lee Baca: Gov. Schwarzenegger briefed and has given full state cooperation. The mutual aid system with State of California and. L.A. County Emergency Services has been activated and are coordinating all fire emergency and police activities. Evacuees should proceed either north on PCH into Ventura County or to Channel Islands High School or to Agoura High School near 101 at Kanan.

Jeff Jennings, Mayor of Malibu: Advised residents to listen their radios. Stay vigilant. Be prepared. Have evacuation plan ready. Know where your animals , important papers, photos are and be prepared to leave when told to do so.

Capt. Freeman, LA County Fire Department: 2200 acres have been burned. Priority is life and structure protection, especially in the Paradise Cove and Ramirez canyon areas. Evacuation is crucial to protecting life and facilitating fire fighting. Cooperation is important to help fire fire fighters and for your safety and theirs.

23 Aircraft and experts from throughout the state are on site. Strategy is to hold fire East of Kanan and so of Tunnel One.

Evacuees will be provided with addresses of lost structures as soon as possible.

Anticipates that fire may get across Kanan and that is where they are focusing their attention.

Declaration of State of Emergency from last month is still active to cover this fire.

This is a dynamic and dangerous situation.

Fire Report 10:34

Paradise Cove, Winding Way, Ramirez, Latigo Canyon and Coral Canyon areas threatened. Evacuation Required. Wall of fire reported just north east of Latigo Canyon homes 4 miles north of PCH.

200 homes in danger from shifting Santa Ana winds.

Major effected areas are Latigo Canyon and Coral Canyon, Escondido Canyon, Malibu Bowl with homes reported lost in Sycamore Meadows and El Nido area.

2200 acres burned so far. Estimated 35 structures destroyed mostly in Malibu Bowl area, Idlewild, Ingleside and El Nido.

1000 fire fighters from throughout California, 10 helicopters, 2 fixed wing super scoopers plus the CalFire DC 10 are on site.

Malibu Coast Animal Hospital is accepting small animals has yet to see any injured animals.

Evacuation Center - Agoura High School, 28000 W. Driver Avenue. Canteen trucks in the emergency area for citizens and fire fighters.

Malibu City Emergency Radio - 1620 AM__Malibu City Emergency Phone Info: 310-456-9982

Fire Report 9:30 a.m.