Corral Fire, November 24, 2007 @ 9:30 AM

New reports of a fire near Kanan Dune Rd. in Malibu. For my family and friends, this is nowhere near me. Farther than the last fire.

I'll be updating on this site as I get information. Probably not as frequent updates as last time. My Internet is out at home (unrelated to the fire) and I'm blogging this from Mimosa Cafe. Please text or call 310-430-1873 with tips and breaking news. E-mail is jschofield at

Note that I will be posting each update as individual posts, rather than updating an existing post. I think that will work better.

Update 9:26 AM: Malibu Times has the best summary so far:

As of 8:55 the most threatened is Latigo, West of Latigo and Kanan

Dume, Evacuation advised.

Winds are calming down slightly but high fire danger remains.

City Councilmember Ken Kearsley reports that an estimated 35 homes have been destroyed.

Los Angeles Fire Cap. Mike Brown reports that fire is moving west toward - Kanan Dume area - No reports of injury or cause or estimated containment.

Fire fighting resources are being brought in from throughout California.

Fire Report 8:45 a.m.

Pepperdine - Classes and events cancelled including basketball tournament. Campus residents have been moved into Tyler Center as a safety precaution. No flames near campus at this time. Concerned parents are referred to the Pepperdine website.

20 homes lost. 200 threatened. Malibu Bowl area most affected.

Evacuations - Trancas Canyon and Pt. Dume area - evacuation advised. Evacuation site: Agoura High School.

Malibu Emergency Radio: 1620 AM

Fire Report 8:25 a.m.

Fire threatens Kanan Dume area. Pt Dume Residents are advised to be prepared to evacuation.

Evacuation Center is at Agoura High,Thousand Oaks at Kanan

Fire moving west driven by high winds. Burnt area estimated at over 1500 acres.

20 Homes lost in Malibu Bowl Area, Sycamore Meadow area, Ingleside, Newel Road, El Nido,

10 Helicopters and two Super Scooper aircraft are in the area.

Road Closures: Coral Canyon, Malibu Canyon at PCH West bound. Kanan South bound from Mullholland.

Fire Report 8:00

Fire across from Latigo Canyon and PCH is under control.

Capt.Mike Brown, L A County Fire reports that his department is now considering this a major fire with 1500 acres afire. There are 500 fire fighters on the scene with air support of water dropping aircraft.

Wind blowing in 50 mile an hour gusts. Moving in S-SW direction toward Pt. Dume.. Homes have been damaged near Sycamore Canyon. Fire burning across from Geoffrey's restaurant.

Simon Watkins, a ten year Malibu resident, was evacuated at 5:45 when he awoke to a wall of wall of flames within 200 feet from his home.

Bill and Lee Hardy of Seabreeze in the El Nido area have been burned out of their home after having survived 8 previous fires. Lee Hardy is a painter and she was unable to save her canvases.

Fire Report 7:40 AM

Evacuations: Puerco Canyon, Sycamore Canyon, Ramirez Canyon and Winding Way. Residents in surrounding areas are encouraged to be prepared to evacuate.

Fire at Coral Canyon and PCH at 76 Station and in back of Beau Rivage Restaurant.

Water dropping helicopters and airplanes are in the area.

Fire being drive by SW Winds.

Fire Report 7:30 AM

Pepperdine University is not in immediate danger although as of 6AM some Dresher Campus residents were asked to evacuate to the Tyler Campus Center.

Malibu Mayor Jeff Jennings reporting: Home on Via Escondido is on fire. Fire is both sides of fire. Evacuation center established at Agoura High School. The mayor asks that Malibu citizens look out for each other, especially in the threatened areas and assist with evacuation of families and their animals. He is optimistic that the state and county fire departments can knock down the fire today.

Wind is expected to decrease later this afternoon.

Fire 7:20 AM

John and Julie Pfeiffer of El Nido were evacuated along with their sons, Mike, 19, Jack 16. They report that the fire started in Malibu Bowl around 4AM Saturday morning.

Westbound PCH at Malibu Canyon Closed. Kanan Closed at Mullholland.

Water dropping helicopters are working the fire. Homes in Sycamore Canyon reported on fire.

Fire now at base of Coral Canyon and PCH. Fire burning in a westerly direction at this time.

One fire fighter has been reported injured.

Fire: 7:06

At 7AM over 400 acres are burning. Residents of Latigo and Coral Canyon being evacuated. Several homes reported afire. Fire has crossed PCH east of Malibu Road. At least 6 homes are full engulfed in flames at this time. Wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour in some areas.

Roads Closures - Coral Canyon, West PCH at Malibu Canyon. Kanan Road. .

From the City of Malibu Website -

A brush fire is burning in the Corral Canyon area of Malibu. Evacuations are in progress in the Malibu Bowl area, Corral Canyon, Newell Canyon (County), and Latigo Canyon. The Fire Department advises that the fire is moving in a south/southwest direction. Malibu Canyon and Kanan Roads are currently open; however, PCH is being limited to residents only at this time. The Malibu City Staff has activated its Emergency Operations Center in City Hall.

Malibu Fire 6:55 AM

Fire continues in Coral Canyon/Latigo Area Fire burning from Malibu Bowl- Upper Coral to PCH. Canyon. 30-40 homes are reported to be in immediate danger. Water dropping aircraft are in the area. 300 plus acres have been burnt as of 6:55.

Jason Ward resident of Ingleside Way says his house is burning. He and his wife Tiffany were able to escape the fire with their animals.

Malibu City Emergency Information line: 310 - 456-9982

Malibu Emergency Radio 1620 AM - WPTD AM