A River Runs Through It...

My mountain cabin / hippie shack is built into the side of Topanga Canyon. It's TOTALLY not-up-to-code. Tonight, in the middle of the biggest rainstorm of the year, water started pouring from the WALL on the bottom floor that's built into the hill. It washed about a pound of silt onto my floor, and got to a depth of about two inches in places.

I got my landlord (he lives next door) and we went out to investigate. There was a big pool caused by debris against one side of the house, apparently that was seeping down next to the boulder and somehow into the house. When we cleared the debries and caused the pool to drain, the water stopped pouring through the THREE INCH HOLE in my wall. (Pictures to follow.)

Now, about that boulder. There's a BIG rock, and apparently the hippies who built my house couldn't move or blast it, so they just built the house around it. The boulder sticks into my house and is just plastered over. (There's actually steps in it leading up to a little reading nook.) And as far as I can tell, the boulder is the only thing holding the house up. (I asked my landlord if the house was built on a slab foundation. His response? "Are you fucking kidding? It's sticks on dirt. A couple of cinderblocks. And believe it or not, the place is legal. It's old enough that it's registered as a real residence!")

He brought over a bunch of towels, and we swept up most of the mud on the bottom floor -- thus far, my second floor has been blissfully immune to water problems. (Other than a few leaks, which just sprang up.)

Oh, one more thing. When I put my ear down near the boulder, I hear the sound of rushing water. And against the hillside wall of my house. Rushing water.

If I've struck some kind of underground stream, can I open a bottling plant? Want to drink Topanga Water?