A Rough Weekend

I just feel the need to whine for a moment -- please indulge me. (Or skip to the next post.)

My house flooded on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I've already cleaned up twice; there's mud on my floor right now, on Monday morning. In addition, we're late on a big project at the office. I worked 11 hours on Saturday and 9 hours on Sunday.

And we didn't accomplish the thing that we spent all weekend working to accomplish.

If it looks like it won't rain for a while, I may mop my floor tonight and clean up the mud for the third time.

(Oh, and my up-hill neighbor built a sandbag dike that sent a WALL of water down past (and into) my house, knocking down a fence, covering my brick patio and a small grass lawn with a layer of mud, and killing the fish in the fishpond.)