Two Good Software Books

I just finished reading two different books on software development and management; both are highly recommended.

First, and best is "Peopleware", by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. This is another one of those must-read books. I've been telling everyone that I can't believe I've been allowed to have the job I have without reading it. If you are in the business of software (or in the business of managing any type of "knowledge worker,") you must read this. Really. I'm buying copies for all the managers and execs at work.

Second is the second "Joel on Software" book, "More Joel on Software," by Joel Spolsky. I wasn't as wowed by this one as I was by the first, but it's still very much a worthy read. Most of the articles in the first one were new to me, while I had already read most of the 2nd one's content on Joel's website. Still definitely worth reading.