Archiving RSS Links Through Pinboard

I've been moving many posts from past websites I've had into, so will be the unitary place to get my writing on the web.

In going through the old posts, I was shocked to find out how many links I've posted are no longer valid.

I use Pinboard and like it a great deal. For $25 a year Pinboard will archive your bookmarks -- saving a cache of the state of the web link when the Pinboard server visits it. (Which may be a day or two after you bookmark it.) If the link later disappears, you've got the archived content on Pinboard.

I've been using this manually, but wanted a way to automate adding links from my WordPress blog, I was able to build a recipe from that would automatically add my posts to Pinboard, but I need something that will add links in my posts to Pinboard.

Pinboard's API to the rescue! I wrote a simple little script in 20 minutes that downloads my RSS feed, parses each entry for links, and submits any links it finds to Pinboard, using the link text as the title and the URL as the description.

I set it to run every four hours by putting it into my crontab.

It's quick and dirty, and it's not a general-purpose application (the URL for my feed is hard-coded in there). Right now you need to know basic Python to get it to work, as well as how cron works in order to automate it.

If there's interest in this, I'll be happy to turn it into a more general-purpose tool.

You'll have to install BeautifulSoup, python-pinboard, and feedparser to run this.

Source code is on Github, as usual.