Backstage Project #1: Elevator

Erica Katzin as The Temp

In 2010 I conceived the project of documenting the backstage lives of musicians and artists. The public sees them on stage, but doesn't see them in on a filthy couch backstage trying to stay connected to fans on Facebook via their phones or laptops.

The first play I was able to shoot backstage was "Elevator." They agreed to let me shoot in return for using their pick of my photos for publicity. I was there for their entire tech week, through triumphs, disasters, cast upsets, and crew changes. Tech week -- the week before opening night when the crew and cast have to come together for the first time to produce a complete play -- can be brutal, exhausting, and upsetting. When it's easy it's rough, and when it's rough it's the Bataan Death March.

I felt really privileged and honored to be allowed behind the scenes of "Elevator," and the cast and crew were wonderful in making me feel at home and at ease while they were under so much tremendous stress and pressure.

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