Announcing Two New Free Demos for AT&T's M2X Project

Wed 02 April 2014
By John Mark Schofield in Technology

I'm doing some work on demo projects for AT&T's M2X.1 Prior to this there was example code, but there wasn't a quick and easy way of getting a working example going.

I've now created two new demos, with two hosting options:

The Vagrant demo, of course, is free to host, as it runs on your personal computer. The OpenShift demo is free to use as long as you have fewer than three OpenShift applications already running. (There's a limit of three free applications.)

Both demo repos contain loadreport.rb and Loadreport reports the system load to AT&T's M2X system every minute. Stockreport reports the current value of AT&T's stock to M2X every minute. Both create their M2X Blueprints automatically.

The script uses the M2X Python package. The loadreport.rb script uses the Ruby M2X gem. This may be the first working Ruby code for creating M2X blueprints that's been published.

Because M2X is currently free for developers, it is important to provide free options for developers to use to experiment with M2X. With these two solutions, you can have a free M2X testing environment, either on your computer or in the OpenStack cloud.

There are more demo languages and more demo environments coming, and I'll be announcing those here as they're published.

  1. I don't speak for AT&T or Citrusbyte.