Using Keyboard Maestro to Log to Evernote

I need to submit a daily log of what I've accomplished to my job. But I find it hard to keep track sometimes, and I feel like I've forgotten things I should be putting on that list. (Yes, yes, OCD, I know.)

I found the Log To Evernote  Keyboard Maestro action, and created a simple Keyboard Maestro macro  to prompt for a category and a text string of what I accomplished, and save them to an Evernote Text Note. Since Evernote and Keyboard Maestro are synced, this automatically works on my desktop and my laptop.

Screenshot 2014-08-26

Here's what the entry screen looks like:

Screenshot 2014-08-26

And here's what the Evernote log looks like:

Screenshot 2014-08-26

Update 2014-12-31: Seems like the Log To Evernote plugin no longer works for me in the latest versions of OS X and Evernote. I'm investigating, at a low priority. Until I resolve it, I'm tagging this post "Obsolete."