Using Keyboard Maestro to Deal With Recruiters

If you're a geek like I am, you get a few emails from recruiters a day, and a few calls a week. This tip helps deal with the emails and Linked-In connection requests. It doesn't help with the calls. (The "send to voicemail" button on my phone works for that, as well as directly asking recruiters not to cold-call me when I accidentally answer their calls.)

In all cases, I'm polite and respectful, but firm. Recruiters are just trying to do their jobs. In an economy where the real unemployment rate is about 12%, getting pestered by people who want to hire you is a fricking privilege, not something to complain about!

But since I'm not looking for a job, I want to 1) spend as little time dealing with recruiters as possible, and 2) not burn bridges. Here's what I do:

In Keyboard Maestro, I set up the macro "recruiterreply;" to insert the following text:

Thanks very much for your interest! I'm happy and well-compensated at my present job, and I'm not interested in a new position at this time.

Let's keep in touch anyway. You can feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at or visit to view my resume.

Please note that all my friends in this field already have jobs, and I can not refer any of them to you.

Thanks very much!
John Schofield

That last paragraph is an important addition, as it eliminates the inevitable follow-up email from recruiters asking for leads.

Here's what that macro looks like in Keyboard Maestro:


I don't feel bad at all in sending a boilerplate reply to recruiters, as most of them are simply doing mass-mailings to Linked-In accounts that match the keywords they are looking for.

If the recruiter actually wrote something that indicates that they read my resume or profile and have a clue who I actually am, I'll add a sentence or two to personalize my reply.

This way I handle emailed communication from recruiters without any frustration, and without spending much time on it.