"The Affluent Investor" by Phil DeMuth

I just finished "The Affluent Investor" by Phil DeMuth. Phil defines "affluent" as having between $100,000 and $10,000,000 in assets. (Very high net-worth individuals have a different set of challenges that are not covered in this book.) I'm not yet affluent by this definition, but still found the book very useful.

At some point, all investment books start blending together. Ninety percent of the advice is the same: invest in broadly-diversified, low-cost, passively-managed index funds. Decide on your allocation, and then stick with it over decades, rebalancing as needed.

However, since the "stick with it over decades" part is really, really, difficult for most (all?) people, hearing that message in different words by different voices is really beneficial in terms of reinforcing that mindset.

What's more the low end of Phil's "affluent" scale is a reasonable goal for anyone with a good job and a determination to save, so I think this book really could be valuable for just about anyone. (Although, unless you're affluent now, it shouldn't be the first book on investing you read.)

All in all, definitely a recommended-read.