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  1. Fixing OS X ACL Entries for Deleted Users

    Thu 29 August 2013
    By John Mark Schofield in Technology

    I had my favorite kind of consulting gig recently -- a friend who runs a consulting company called, and said he had a problem his guys couldn't figure out. I love being tech support for other smart geeks!

    It's pretty hard to find a solution to this on Google, so I …

    Tagged as: Consulting Os X
  2. Status Update

    Mon 04 February 2013
    By John Mark Schofield in Technology

    It's time for some Inside Baseball about There haven't been too many change to the site that most people noticed, but I've made some significant changes under-the-hood, and I thought I'd take a moment to speak about them, and also about the tools I use to make this …

    Tagged as: Obsolete

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